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Neither would it be Arles without the Rencontres, which has brought the city, and region, to life each year sinceand brings photographers and photography-lovers from around the world together.

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Arles attracts a public, accommodates photography in all its forms, and hosts photographers with diverse methods and outreach. It is an important channel for cultural cooperation at every level. With this in mind, I want to acknowledge the New Discovery Award, which, inopened up to galleries an essential step in the professionalization of young photographers.

I would also like to acknowledge the Dummy Book Award with the Luma Foundation which has funded the publication of a book design arles rencontres 2019 author book award the fourth year in a row.

List of products by artists Anders Petersen & JH Ensgtröm

A warm thank you to Sam Stourdzé and his team for their passion in preparing the 49th year of the festival. I have arles rencontres 2019 author book award doubt about the wealth it will offer, nor about the excitement it will stir.

arles rencontres 2019 author book award

With the creation of a new delegation in honor of the art, the Ministry of Culture is prouder than ever to support photography and photographers. I wish the public an excellent visit!

Like silver-based photography, the festival is a chemical reaction produced by mixing a still-new art form, an inspiring city and a succession of talent. Each part of the equation plays a unique, indispensable role in reproducing the experiment every summer.

If the Rencontres has reached that level of excellence over the years, it is thanks to public arles rencontres 2019 author book award private support, loyal partners, the Arles rencontres 2019 author book award and elected bodies regardless of their political make-up: I would like to thank them for their enthusiasm and loyalty.

Solo exhibitions

It now has a collection of 5, prints, including several masterpieces. I wish all of you who are passionate about photography and in love with Arles a magnificent Rencontres. Its first location was in the Quiqueran arles rencontres 2019 author book award Beaujeu hôtel particulier on rue des Arènes, which will remain devoted to photography when the school moves into the new building north of the Ateliers site designed by architect Marc Barani.

At the Parc des Site de rencontre des celibataires chretiens, the Rencontres is exhibiting this year in the refurbished Atelier des Forges made available by the Luma Foundation chaired by Maja Hoffmann, a member of the Rencontres board since Last year, President Emmanuel Macron chose Arles for his first official trip devoted to culture.

It also backs independent initiatives like Voies Off, which rounds out the festival by accepting all photographs. It will shine in Arles with nearly 30 venues, some for the first time.

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In Nîmes, we will welcome a new venue: A History of French Dining and Photography. The MJ1 association had asked the Rencontres to extend the summer with eight free shows.

Les prix du livre 2019

We are delighted to take part in arles rencontres 2019 author book award at MP — Quel Amour! A word of welcome to our newest partners: Finally, we would like to thank our principal media partners who promote the Festival: This year, you are invited to cross space and time with a breathtaking, celestial journey across the ages.

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Photography is often the bestplaced medium for registering all the shocks that remind us the world is changing, sometimes right before our eyes. An arts program is an excellent time machine—a constellation of exhibitions, intersecting, interacting and occasionally colliding.

Yet more broadly, it was a year of great upheavals. Many moments would rock the world, shaking those who thought values were immutable in their wake. There was a belief that wellbeing could be developed on a large scale, in dreams and concrete. In France, we would arles rencontres 2019 author book award, develop and urbanize.

The same year, the Rhône delta would begin work on three icons of modern design. Launched with just a few months in between, Fos-sur-Mer became the emblem of industrial concentrations, and La Grande-Motte made the dream of the seaside resort attainable to all.

The third project was the Regional Nature Park of the Camargue: All the data we produce is systematically recorded, shared and circulated.

Никто из его предшественников не приобрел такого количества новообращенных и не пронес свое учение через подобные бездны времени и пространства. В чем именно заключалось это учение, ни Элвин, ни Хилвар не смогли разобраться даже приблизительно.

The emergence of digital man is both fascinating and troubling. The victory of artificial intelligence over human intelligence is proclaimed daily.

We witness the emergence of an enhanced mankind each day, a cyber world in which digital power ensures a new welfare. Health and security are now managed on screens.

We slowly enter the realm of the cyborg, with transhumanism pledging its unshakable faith in science and technology, sole guarantors of improvement to the human condition!

Today, in the face of the digital revolution and its promises of a post-human future, we see movements for going back to the basics, like those of Modern forms of resistance entail a reevaluation of fundamentals. More than ever before, attention is paid to food quality and to local and sustainable development. We reinvent ourselves with a different set of values—ecology, spirituality, meditation.

Navigating two extremes of belief in man, between transhumanism and collective introspection, we move forward. Jonas Bendiksen follows seven characters from around the world who, reassured by their followers, consider themselves the new messiah. The architect Simon Velez builds an immense bamboo temple to accommodate arles rencontres 2019 author book award photographs of Matthieu Ricard, a Buddhist monk close to the Dalaï Lama.

This utopian community still hosts around 2, people today. For some years, Matthieu Gafsou has devoted himself to inventorying every version of transhumanism.

Temple Arles books

Here, exoskeletons make the very notion of arles rencontres 2019 author book award obsolete, and cryogenics unify the notions of eternal life and temporary death.

Because it forces us to imagine ourselves in a world that is close to science fiction, in between fantasy annonces rencontres gratuites toulouse reality, imagination and progress, fiction and the future, our age is an inspiration to photographers.

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We would like to commemorate another anniversary. Inwhen photographer Robert Frank and editor Robert Delpire were 34 and 32, respectively, they published Les Américains, a book of 84 prints.

Rencontres de la photographie d'Arles

This book would mark generations of photographers, historians and curators. For the first time, a perspective that broke with the complacency of the postwar humanist schools was offered.

Robert Frank invented the photography road trip. He was quick, agile, and mobile, and made off-centering a creative choice. With Frank, photography entered a new age, arles rencontres 2019 author book award the Beat Generation found its angle.

Group exhibitions

There was a lot of criticism, of course. Praising the ordinary and sacralizing non-events earned him scorn. Where is the America of dreams and consumerism, always growing, and promising a beautiful tomorrow?

Although missing from the actual photos, not far behind are the people who would brandish cobblestones demanding justice, diversity, and openness, with calls to dispense with the old ways. America has not changed all that much—outraged, in the past, to find a foreigner Robert Frank is Swiss arles rencontres 2019 author book award it, the work of stigmatizing otherness continues. Each in their own way, they have captured the violence of disparities, documented the power of arles rencontres 2019 author book award, taken road trips with no final destination, and thus unconsciously made their contribution to the image of the country.

More than other places America is nourished by the foreign. It is a place for sharing and discovering photography in all its diversity and depth of vision; an instrument for understanding, reflecting and building the society we live in.

Journalisme & Photographie

One thing is certain, photography also shapes the world we live in. The relationships suggested within the program are at the core of the different sequences. They allow categories to be identified and, year after year, encourage a thorough exploration of developments in photography. March August 26,

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